Warrant Canary

SupraVPN is committed to being transparent and taking full control of our service.

To Date:  SupraVPN has received:

0 National Security Letters;
0 Gag Orders;
0 Warrants from Government Organizations;

SupraVPN has not produced any information in response to a secret subpoena, such as one served under 18 U.S.C. Section 2709(c) of the U.S. Patriot Act, and has not built “backdoors” for any government into our products.

All government requests for user data need to come through “the front door” and by serving valid legal process upon SupraVPN.

The private information of our users has never been disclosed or seized, nor have we been compromised or suffered a data breach.

We are prepared to shut-down the service in any jurisdiction should a government ever legally force us to circumvent our privacy and security and surveil our users.

To ensure your privacy and security, we guarantee a strict zero-logging policy – we don’t monitor, log or store your online activities.

SupraVPN secures and safeguards your privacy using multiple encryption protocols, strong Military-grade ASE encryption, zero logging, and secure DNS.

Our mission is to guard and protect the anonymity, privacy, freedom, and integrity of our user’s data and information.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee